MC Towing Time Attack rx7 Brand Ambassador Australia

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# Penrite Product Used Application
1 PREMIUM MINERAL 20W-50 (Mineral) Engine Oils ~ Cars/4WDs
2 PRO GEAR 80W-140 (Full Syn.) Manual Gear/Differential
3 RACE CASTOR OIL 20W-40 (Syn.) GoKart

MC Towing Time Attack rx7

Time Attack, Super Sprints, Rally Sprint, Mazda rx7 13b turbo


MC Towing rx7 is built, tuned and raced by me. The car currently runs a turbocharged 13b rotary that produces 605rwhp. The gearbox is a TT Industries sequential 6 speed [ which i use Penrite Pro gear 80w-140...after other oils breaking down!] I have a group of close friends who give up there spare time to help, crew and transport the car to a large variety of events. We grew up together and are passionate about Motorsports and winning! The car presents well, is always at an event and very competitive!

Penrite products used

PREMIUM MINERAL 20W-50 (Mineral)
PRO GEAR 80W-140 (Full Syn.)
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