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Racing Fuels

Racing fuels are blends of fuels different from normal everyday ULP, E10, LPG & Diesel. Although these fuels can be used in competition there are more exotic blends that give improved performance to competition engines.

Fuels such as Nitro-methane and methanol fuel used by Top Fuel drag racing, Methanol fuel used in some open-wheel race car i.e Indy-Car Series prior to 2007 and in Top Alcohol drag racing and Ethanol fuel & Nitrous oxide used by drag racing vehicles to increase horsepower, require specialised oils that can protect an engine through the extremes of competition.

Additional Information

Penrite Racing, Full Synthetic & HPR Engine Oils are suitable for use with E85 fuel in racing & competition conditions. If using in on road conditions, more frequent oil changes are recommended.

    Click Here for Technical Bulletin on E85 Fuel and Compatible Oils

Penrite manufacture a range of oils that are designed and suited for riggers of competition and race conditions.

10 Tenths Racing Oils are high performance, premium full synthetic engine oils that provide the ultimate protection in on road and competition applications. All products are made from man-made PAO (Group 4) and Ester (Group 5) synthetics and contain full zinc levels for protection and engine wear minimisation. Penrite Racing oils are guaranteed “Shear Free” meaning they will not lose their viscosity for the life of the oil. 10 Tenths Racing Oils can be used in naturally aspirated, supercharged and turbocharged engines.
Racing 0W-20 is suitable for competition use only and is not to be used as an everyday oil for normal road use.

10 Tenths Full Synthetic are premium man made synthetic oils for high performance and competition engines. These oils a fully suited and proven in racing conditions as well as for on road use. They contain full zinc for maximum protection, contain the “Extra 10” in the oils operating temperature and are Premium PAO & Ester synthetics.

HPR Engine Oils were born into racing and competition conditions. HPR 30, HPR 40 & HPR 50 are Premium Mineral oils designed for older or larger capacity high performance and competition engines. They are the mainstay of historic racing in Australia and are suitable for use with most exotic fuel blends.

Race Castor is an ashless SAE 20W-40 engine oil manufactured from high quality castor vegetable oil, synthetic ester, anti-corrosion additives and an advanced anti-oxidant. Designed for use in ultra-high speed two stroke engines such as International Class Go Karts (Ratio 16:1) and other high performance engines. Two stroke engine premixes where methanol is the fuel.

Penrite recommends the right product for the right application. Click here to visit the Penrite Recommendation Guide.

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