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Penrite Industrial Division

The Penrite Industrial Division consists of a team of dedicated professionals who provide focused and specialist support to the industrial market sector.

The team have over 50 years of experience from within the lubricants industry coming not only from Penrite but from other major oil companies. We also have international partner businesses that can assist us in providing the specification of product needed if we do not have a particular product.

When it comes to light and heavy industry, we are constantly adding to our product range. With a wide choice of quality Penrite lubricants available, you will find all of them have been created with Australian conditions in mind.

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Rockslide 68 & 320 are oils deisgned to provide excellent lubrication performance in industrial air tools (Rock drill) and on slideways. They are available in ISO 68 and 320 grades and are designed for use on Slideways, tables, carriages, guides and as a tacky gear oil for industrial machine centre applications. Also suitable for percussion type air tools operating in wet or dry conditions, jackhammers, rammers, riveting and chipping hammers and centralised lubricators of large crawler-mounted drilling rigs.
Rockslide 68
Rockslide 320

Honing, Soluble, Steam Cylinder Oil & Jack Oil

Honing Oil is for use in honing machines. It provides long stone life and superior finish to work and can be used for machining and honing of cast iron, free machining of steel and thread cutting and deep hole drilling of ferrous materials.

Soluble Oil is a general-purpose soluble cutting oil made by using advanced emulsifiers, a bactericide and hydro-cracked base oils for many turning, milling, drilling and grinding operations.

Steam Cylinder Oil is a heavy straight run mineral oil and does not contain any compounding additives. Used for the lubrication of steam cylinders as well as valve lubrication and is suitable for heavily loaded slow moving bearings and gears, where a demulsifiable oil is required.

Hydraulic Jack Oil is a premium ISO 46 oil suitable for all hydraulic jacks, presses, hoists, rams and hydraulic power packs requiring a mineral oil.

Heat Transfer Oil

Available in 3 grades. They are highly refined, thermally stable, mineral oil-type heat transfer fluids formulated with premium hydrocracked base oils. They are used as heat transfer fluid in both closed and open heat transfer systems with forced circulation where a mineral-type heat transfer fluid is required.
Heat Transfer Oil 32
Heat Transfer Oil 68
Heat Transfer Oil 100

Penrite recommend "The Right Oil for the Right Application".

To find the right engine oil, transmission, brake, steering, suspension fluid, grease or
coolant for your vehicle, please visit the Penrite Lube Guide by clicking on the following link.
Penrite Lube Guide

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