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A family owned and operated business, Penrite knows what it takes to be competitive and successful in Australia. Since 1926, we have listened and worked closely with generations of Australian industry operators to understand, not only their product requirements, but also their business needs.

We understand it's not just about quality products that meet the latest requirements of global manufacturers. We recognise the importance of inventory management, reducing maintenance requirements and downtime, increasing profitability and the service life of equipment. From these learnings, we continue to tailor the highest quality lubricants and fluids for your vehicles, equipment and machinery. Our locally produced performance products cover all your industrial needs whether aged or modern.

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High Speed, Low to Medium Load Grease

High Temperature Bearing Grease is an NLGI No 2, high temperature all-purpose, extreme pressure (EP) grease. It is suitable for use in all general chassis grease applications in automotive and industrial service, including in cars, 4WDs, trucks and buses. Suitable for use in wheel bearings of vehicles fitted with disc brakes, as well as drum brakes, boat trailer wheel bearings and other marine applications.

Indgrease 100 LXEP2 is a premium, high melting point, NLGI 2 lithium complex grease. It is a high temperature grease designed to meet the most demanding grease applications especially where a low base oil viscosity and long life is required. Recommended for use in most types of industrial applications operating under high speed and conditions where shock loads, extreme pressure and vibration may occur. It can provide long life protection for rolling element bearings, plain bearings, gears and couplings in applications that include electric motors, pumps, fans & generators.

Indgrease Lith R3 is a high quality NLGI 3 consistency multi-purpose Rust & Oxidation (R&O) type, lithium soap thickened grease. It is designed as a multi-service grease for industrial applications, particularly high speed, low load bearing applications. Recommended for use in most types of industrial applications operating under high speed, low load conditions. Suitable for rolling element bearings, plain bearings, gears and couplings. Applications include electric motors, pumps, fans & generators.

Open Gears

QCA Grease MX9 is an NLGI 2 with 9% solids. It is an advanced mixed complex grease can be used in the lubrication of ball joints, king pins and universal joints, as well as open surfaces like as trailer couplings and CV joints.

Molygrease is an all purpose, NLGI 2, high temperature grease. Contains molybdenum disulphide (moly) for added protection. It is used for general grease applications in automotive and industrial service areas. Suitable for use where the grease is likely to be exposed to the weather and/or squeezed out. In these applications, a thin film of molybdenum will provide some measure of protection until the component can be re-greased. Recommended for use on ball joints, king pins and universal joints. It can also be used on CV joints and as a general chassis grease.

Extreme Pressure Grease is a NLGI No 2, red coloured, general purpose grease. It is suitable for use in all general grease applications in automotive and industrial service. This includes plain bearings, slow speed wheel and anti-friction bearings, chassis grease, general plant lubrication and agricultural and construction equipment lubrication.

Heavy Loading Grease

Indgrease Moly HT s a premium heavy duty, NLGI 2 grease designed for the mining and sugar mill industries. It has a lithium complex thickener and contains molybdenum disulphide and graphite for boundary protection against the heaviest sliding, shock or impact loading conditions. Resists 'squeeze out' from surfaces requiring lubrication under load conditions. Ideal for bucket pins, plain and roller bearings and all other heavy duty applications in the mining, sugar milling, construction and industry in general.

Indgrease Lithium EPO is an NLGI 0, lithium based, mineral lubricating grease. It is a multi-purpose, semi-fluid type grease for use in automotive and industrial applications including heavy duty service where high loads are encountered. It is suitable for rolling element bearings, plain bearings, gears and couplings, where an NLGI 0 grease is required.

ACT Grease XEP2 is a NLGI 2, semi-synthetic lithium complex grease designed for use on highway trucks as well as Agricultural and Construction equipment. It is used in various industrial, heavy duty automotive, agricultural, construction and mining applications, where it provides outstanding protection for low to medium speed bearings that are heavily loaded and where molybdenum greases are not required.

Medium Speed and Load

Water Pump Grease is a NLGI No. 4 moderate duty grease manufactured from high quality base oils and a calcium soap. Recommended for the lubrication of water pumps in older vehicles or in fire fighting and irrigation equipment requiring a heavy grease.

Severe Duty - High Shock Loads

Indgrease CXOG-05 is an advanced technology, NLGI 0.5 mixed-complex grease. Made using a lithium-calcium complex soap with built-in extreme pressure and anti-wear properties enhanced by the addition of anti-oxidant and corrosion inhibitors. Uses special tackifiers to help the product stay in place. Recommended for use in severe heavy duty applications where high shock loads are common including those in corrosive environments. These include in industrial plants and off-highway equipment used in the mining, agricultural, forestry and construction industries.

Wet Exposure

Indgrease 1615 WR is a NLGI 1.5 grade, calcium sulphonate complex thickened, extreme pressure lubricating grease based on mineral oil. The grease contains antioxidants and corrosion inhibitors. Extreme load carrying capacity and the excellent water resistance make the product a perfect choice for heavily loaded applications or wet and corrosive environments. Suitable for heavily loaded applications including in journals of antifriction bearings used in equipment in as paper mills and steel rolling mill.

Indgrease CX 152 WR is an NLGI 2 grade, calcium sulphonate complex thickened, extreme pressure lubricating grease based on mineral oil. It is formulated with antioxidants and corrosion inhibitors and does not contain conventional extreme pressure (EP) and anti-wear additives since they are built in as an integral part of the soap structure. A high performance grease especially suitable for marine and industrial applications. The extreme load carrying capacity and the excellent water resistance make it a perfect choice for heavily loaded applications or where wet and corrosive conditions are encountered.

Engine Assembly

Cam Assembly Lube is a special purpose sticky paste formulated with a lithium grease, designed for the initial lubrication of engine parts during the engine assembly process. It contains rust inhibitors, oxidation inhibitors, tackiness additives, zinc and graphite anti-wear agents to provide outstanding engine lubrication protection prior to and during first starting of new or rebuilt engines.

Anti-Seize Compound

Copper Eze is a bentone based anti-seize grease that will resist temperatures of up to 1093°C.

Semi Fluid Greases

Semi Fluid Grease is an extreme pressure, NLGI 00, lithium soap thickened grease, blended using extreme pressure additives, anti-wear, rust and oxidation inhibitors. Suitable for centralised lubrication systems that require fluid (or "liquid") type greases.

Clay Based Grease

Indgrease BM3 is a highly specialised, NLGI 3, no-melt type grease, manufactured from a Bentone clay with highly refined base oils and Molybdenum disulphide. Suitable for chassis points, fifth wheel, king pins, shackles, torsion bar bushings and in marine environments.

Rubber Grease

Rubber Grease is a premium quality clay based grease containing castor oil for use when contact with natural and/or synthetic rubber is likely to occur. Can be used as a general purpose, non-harmful grease for industrial, automotive and consumer rubber parts such as hydraulic dust covers, braking system components, seals, gaiters and washers.

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