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Penrite's new additive range has been designed to enhance durability, reliability, economy and performance.
At Penrite we believe in setting the standard, so like all Penrite products, our new additive range offers real benefits and improved performance from industry firsts that are unique in the market place.

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Petrol Injector Cleaner not only clears blocked fuel injectors and carburettors in one tankful but also increases fuel economy by up to 2.4% whilst increasing power by up to 2.6% in unleaded and E10 fuels.

Petrol Total System Cleaner is a professional strength, petrol fuel additive that effectively cleans the entire fuel system from fuel tank to engine. It uses a powerful and proven additive technology that cleans stubborn deposits and inhibits new contaminant build ups forming.

Octane Booster will increase the RON octane level number of regular unleaded petrol by up to 2.5 providing increased power, performance, fuel economy and smoother idling.

Petrol Fuel Stabiliser is a fuel additive designed to stabilise the performance of petrol / gasoline fuel when in storage and prevent loss of engine performance due to old and stale fuel. It meets military and defence grade specifications for optimum reliability and performance.

Valveshield is an unleaded petrol treatment formulated for vehicles originally designed and manufactured to run on leaded fuel. It protects these engines against valve seat recession (VSR) using current unleaded fuels. Valveshield is formulated for use in petrol engines in motorcycles, cars, 4WDs, light commercial vehicles and stationary engines that required leaded fuel.

Upper Cylinder & LPG Lubricant (UCL) is a fuel treatment that protects against valve seat recession, lubricates the fuel delivery system and maintains cleanliness of fuel injectors and carburettor jets. It is suitable for use in leaded, unleaded, E10, LPG or dual fuel. If LPG is the primary fuel, UCL may be added through dripper systems @ 4-5 drops per minute. UCL is safe for use with catalytic converters and Oxygen sensors.

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To find the right engine oil, transmission, brake, steering, suspension fluid, grease or
coolant for your vehicle, please visit the Penrite Lube Guide by clicking on the following link.

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