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Penrite 10 Tenths Racing oils

Penrite 10 Tenths Racing Oils are high performance, premium 100% PAO (Group 4) and Ester (Group 5) full synthetic engine oils that provide the ultimate protection in on road and competition applications.

10 Tenths Racing Oils contain an anti wear package of *FULL ZINC + (exceeding 2200+ ppm levels) for ultimate engine wear protection.

10 Tenths Racing Oils are "SHEAR FREE" formulations that eliminate viscosity loss during extreme engine operating conditions ensuring the ultimate in protection for your engine.

Penrite 10 Tenths Premium Oils

10 Tenths Premium Synthetic are made from premium 100% PAO (Group 4) and Ester (Group 5) full synthetic oils and feature *FULL ZINC + (exceeding 1800+ ppm levels) additive packs combined with the latest API engine oil specifications for outstanding wear protection, minimisation of sludge and less piston deposits.

Penrite HPR Engine Oils

HRP Engine Oils have long been the standard for Racing and Competition engine oils in Australia. The HPR range feature "Full Zinc" additive packs combined with Penrite's Extra 10 technology that provides a "Double Layer" of engine wear protection.

  • Click Here to learn more about the benefits of EXTRA TEN.
  • 10 Tenths Racing Oils and 10 Tenths Premium Synthetic are recommended for modern 4, 6 & 8+ cylinder, multi cam, multi-valve including VVT, naturally aspirated, supercharged & turbocharged engines, including light duty diesel engines. They are also suitable for use with exotic fuel types such as racing fuel, avgas, methanol, alcohol and ethanol blends such as E10 & E85.

    Note: When using E85 fuel for non competition use we recommend more frequent oil servicing.

    Additional Information:

    10 Tenths Racing Oils and 10 Tenths Premium Synthetic are suitable for use in Motorcycles with wet clutches for both on and off road as well as in competition applications.

    Penrite Motorcycle Lubricants are suitable for both on road and in competition applications. Factory proven with Penrite Honda Racing.

    Other Products

    Running In Oil is a premium mineral, SAE 15W-40, non friction modified, engine oil. It contains HIGH ZINC (exceeding 1600+ ppm levels) for ultimate engine wear protection during the running in period for re-built or new crate engines.

    Race Castor is an ashless SAE 20W-40 engine oil manufactured from high quality castor vegetable oil, synthetic ester, anti-corrosion additives and an advanced anti-oxidant. The synthetic base fluids are specially blended to produce SAE 30 and SAE 40 classifications. This helps to reduce or eliminate traditional problems such as lacquers and deposits and produces higher and stronger film strength, very high load carrying capacity, better wetting properties and reduced power loss due to friction.

    Racing Brake Fluid is ideal for brake systems in high performance on-road vehicles and in all types of cars, trucks and motorcycles involved in all forms of competition including rally and circuit racing.

    Race Coolant Inhibitor Concentrate is a non glycol based coolant that protects against corrosion, cavitation, scaling and oxidisation in vehicles that do not require an anti-freeze anti-boil coolant. It is an effective water wetting agent that uses a hybrid of organic mono/diacid technology and a conventional inhibitor to provide maximum protection against corrosion whilst providing superior heat transfer to significantly reduce engine operating temperature.

    ATF 33 is designed for use in older Ford transmissions and power steering systems wherever a Ford Type F fluid is recommended. It is also suitable for drag car transmissions where a non-friction modified fluid is required. Ideal for use in Turbo 350 and 400 transmissions and others that may require this type of fluid to improve power transfer without slippage.

    Octane Booster is a fuel treatment that will keep injectors and inlet valves clean and will also provide octane enhancement when used with either unleaded or Ethanol E10 based fuels.Each 375ml bottle of Penrite Octane Boost will increase the octane level number by up to 2.5 when mixed with 50 Litres of unleaded 91 (RON) Octane Petrol.

    Penrite recommend "The Right Oil for the Right Application".

    To find the right engine oil, transmission, brake, steering, suspension fluid, grease or
    coolant for your vehicle, please visit the Penrite Lube Guide by clicking on the following link.
    Penrite Lube Guide

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