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Penrite Coolants

Penrite's premium range of OEM approved Coolants & Inhibitors, cover most vehicles on the road today.
As with engine oils, different vehicle manufacturers specify different types of engine coolants and inhibitors for their vehicles. Therefore, the correct engine cooling product for your vehicle is critical in maintaining its performance and longevity as well as preserving your vehicle's manufacturer warranty.
Penrite coolants are suitable for Passenger Cars, Commercial Vehicles, 4WDs, Heavy Duty Vehicles, Motorcycles, Marine, Racing, Veteran & Vintage and many more.

Additional Information:
OEM Approved

3 Year, 4 Year and 5 Year Anti Freeze Anti Boil (AFAB) coolants use OEM Approved Technology that is used for initial factory fills and can be used for warranty servicing.
3 Year, 4 Year, 5 Year Coolants are all available in Concentrate form whilst, 4 Year & 5 Year are also available in Premix. It can be used directly from the container.
3 Year has manufacturer approved technology.
AFAB Blue Premix is a Hybrid Anti Freeze Anti Boil Coolant for systems that require a blue coloured coolant.
4 Year is VW, Audi, Skoda (G11), Mercedes Benz, BMW, Opel, SAAB & MAN Approved
5 Year is VW, Audi Skoda, Seat Approved (G12 & G12+)

Specialty Vehicles

Race Coolant is a non glycol based, water wetting agent, Type B coolant inhibitor safe for use under track and competition conditions.
Classic Car Coolant is a clear water based inhibitor Type B, coolant for use in pre 1970 vehicles.
Radiator Inhibitor for pre 2000 vehicles.
Radiator Flush is a 7 minute radiator flush to clean out rust, scale & corrosion from engine cooling systems. Recommended for use prior to changing coolants.

Key Features & Benefits
  • OEM Approved products
  • Approved for vehicle warranty requirements
  • Available in concentrate and premix
  • Freezing & Boiling point protection
  • Specialised products for racing & classic car
  • Protection against rust & corrosion
  • Complete Coolant Range
  • Note: Always follow the manufacturer's recommendation, drain intervals and dilution rates as per the vehicle manufacturers recommendation.

    Penrite recommends the right product for the right application. Click here to visit the Penrite Recommendation Guide.

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