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Power Steering & Suspension Fluids

At Penrite, we manufacture a wide range of general and specialty Power Steering and Suspension Fluids to ensure that the correct product and specification is available for each vehicle. Modern vehicles use an array of different products with different specifications in their power steering and suspension systems and selecting the correct type of product is critical to the performance and safety of each particular vehicle. Penrite provide a range of products that covers the vast majority of cars, 4WDs, light and heavy commercials vehicles. The range includes premium mineral, synthetic and semi synthetic fluids, applicable to vehicles manufactured in Europe, Japan, Korea, China, USA, and Australia as well as many other other countries.

Our range of Power Steering & Suspension fluids includes -

Power Steering Fluids

Power Steering Fluid is a premium mineral based, multipurpose power steering fluid. Contains an anti shudder additive and is designed for use in power steering units that specify a conventional type Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATF's) ie Dexron II & III Fluids. Suitable for Ford EL-FG series and meets Ford M2C134-D specification.

PAS Fluid is a premium, semi synthetic oil specially designed for use Australian, European, US & Korean power steering and suspension systems. Contains an anti shudder additive and can be used where products such as Pentosin CHF 7.1 or 4548 are recommended by the manufacturer. Suitable as a replacement for Dexron VI in GM / Holden VE Series power steering systems.

HPSO is a premium fully synthetic oil specially designed for use in Honda, selected Rover models and Ford power steering units. Contains an anti shudder additive and is suitable for Ford EL-FG series vehicles.

Suspension & Power Steering Fluids

LDAS Fluid is a Full Synthetic hydraulic fluid , especially developed for suspension, power steering, brake, levelling and hydraulic suspension systems for late model European cars. LDAS Fluid can be used as a direct replacement for OEM LDS fluids or it is a ready replacement for where OEM CHF 11S is recommended by the manufacturer and is compatible with all OEM fluids.

LHM Plus is a Premium Mineral oil specifically designed for use in power steering, suspension, hydraulic and braking systems of modern European vehicles. It meets ISO 7308 for petroleum based fluids used in stored energy systems and can be used as a direct replacement for LHM and LHM+ fluids.It is compatible with OEM fluids.

MB 15 is a light, high viscosity index, zinc free Premium Mineral oil designed for suspension components & hydraulic self-levelling suspension units that specify MB 343.0. It is designed for use in Mercedes-Benz self-levelling suspension units that specify this type of oil.

Specialty Fluid

Power Steering Stop Leak has been specifically formulated to control leaks in the power steering system due to deteriorated or worn seals and gaskets.

HDPS Fluid is a premium semi-synthetic oil specially designed for use in Honda Dual Pump System differentials. It is primarily recommended for use in the rear differential units used in Honda CRV and HRV recreational four wheel drives.

Penrite 4297 is a treatment additive formulated to reduce noise & wear in automatic transmissions and power steering systems of passenger vehicles.

Penrite recommend "The Right Oil for the Right Application".

To find the right engine oil, transmission, brake, steering, suspension fluid, grease or
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