API Certifications

API “Starburst” and “Donut” Licenses:

API license two types of Marks or Licenses: A Certification Mark commonly referred to as a “Starbust” and a Service Symbol, commonly referred to as a “Donut”. These Marks identify a quality, API licensed motor oil petrol and diesel powered engines. API have designed these licenses that define, certified and monitor engine oil performancethat vehicle and engine manufacturers as well as the lubricants industry have considered necessary for satisfactory engine life and performance. They are intended to assist the end user to identify products that have satisfied the requirements forlicensing by the API and therefore provides confidence in the quality of the oil they are purchasing. In some countries, a lubricant cannot be sold without an API quality Mark.

API Certification Mark or “Starburst”:

An oil showing this Mark identifies it as meeting the current ILSAC (International Lubricant Standardisation and Approval Committee) performance standard for engine protection and fuel economy requirements. The ILSAC GF-5 minimum performance standard is the current basis for issuing a license to use the API Certification Mark or “Starburst.

API Service Symbol or “Donut”:

An oil displaying a “Donut” denotes a licensed oil’s performance properties through the use of API “S” Service Categories and, if applicable, the Resource Conserving and API “C” designations. Below are examples of “Donuts”.

API Certificates

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